BigHit Released A New Boy Group?!?!

Bighit as we all know is a very big entertainment business for our favorite boy group BTS, even before they made their exclusive America debut they were highly loved and very popular! Those of you who has been in the ARMY fandom since their Korea debut know that BigHit Entertainment NEVER wanted to make another group since the last group they made disbanded [It was a girl group]

we’ve all been waiting for this moment and it is now here in 2019! apparently they have a young boy group called TXT which stands for “Tomorrow by Together.”

Doing research on the new found boy group, it states that there are 5 members in total and the oldest member is 19 years old! Can you believe that? This Junior boy group will definitely become a big hit 😉 and I honestly can’t wait to see what they have in stored for us in the future. More information on the boys soon to come! So be ready.

How do you guys feel about BigHit releasing a new boy group?

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Introduced to Korean Culture

Back when 2013 I was a teenager, I was seeking for growth and looking for a change that would make me feel like a different person, as I was scrolling through YouTube you can find anything that is popular at the time I started clicking through different video’s obviously bored out of my mind, and saw something that made me curious….


“Kpop? What’s that?” I clicked the video and was completely sucked in, I felt free and so happy! The dance moves the visuals and the language they spoke was something I would have never thought I would like! I couldn’t believe I was watching something that was not of my world! Korean music really changed my life and I’m glad I found out about it while I was young… It’s been six years since I’ve gotten into kpop and even though in America people aren’t fond of it I still like to introduce my current favorite groups to many people, because you never know who is open minded and might actually like Korean music. (THE MORE THE MERRIER RIGHT?)

When did you guys start liking kpop? Did anyone introduce you? Did you find out about it on your own? Let me know on Twitter at @KpopDreamer2